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The Descent and Other Strange Stories by Joshua Rex

The Descent and Other Strange Stories by Joshua Rex

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Past and present collide in these eleven strange tales from Joshua Rex. Ranging from quiet and surreal, to grotesque and horrifying, each of these thoughtful stories promises to stick with you long after reading them.

Step into worlds populated by predatory pictures, tidal waves of trash, and ditch spirits who lure young boys to their doom. Stand witness as the present pulsates with vengeful pasts and is contacted by dubious futures. Surrender to the dark, but know that there is also redemption in the light of long-dead and luminescent stars.

A scout leader returns to the camp where he last believed in monsters—and finds one.

In a bid for solitude, a neglected statue delves into the cold and the deep.

A teenager living in a dead rock star’s house is haunted by his songs.

And more fatal stories await you within the pages of The Descent!


      Trade Paperback

      • Color Cover
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      Author: Joshua Rex
      Cover Art: Luke Spooner
      Editor: Joe Morey


      “I love to read Josh Rex. He’s the poet’s novelist. Dark, funny, mysterious–Josh creates pages that are a joy to get lost in. I would lavish more praise on him if I weren’t so jealous of his writing.”
      — NY Times Best-Selling Novelist Thomas Lennon

      “From the stark warning for our times in the first story to the poetic beauty of the last paragraph, this is a collection that won’t fail to impress, intrigue and enthrall. Joshua Rex is a fantastic new talent with a deep appreciation of history, an eye for the telling metaphor and above all a flair for storytelling.”
      — Allison Littlewood

      “Joshua Rex’s stylistic execution is both distinct and discrete, deftly-crafting tales that coax his audience into a sort of uncanny collusion. The stories collected in The Descent and Other Strange Stories entangle the reader like a winding sheet.”
      — Clint Smith, author of The Skeleton Melodies

      “There are few very writers about whom one can say that they are a pleasure to read regardless of subject-matter, but Joshua Rex is one of them. There is a sheer intelligence to his writing that is highly impressive. He wields a prose style of admirable fluency, elegance, and emotive power, and his weird conceptions are strikingly original and vital. I hope The Descent and Other Strange Stories brings Joshua Rex many new and appreciative readers.”
      — S. T. Joshi

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