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Weird House Website Grand Opening Specials!

Weird House Website Grand Opening Specials!

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To celebrate the launch of the new Weird House Press website we have multiple limited-time specials available on this page! 

Weird House Grand Opening Specials List!

Special 1: Hive 1 & Hive 2 by Tim Curran Combo Deal: trade paperbacks of both titles discounted off of retail price!

Special 2: Signed & Numbered Hardcover Bundle: 5 collectible signed and numbered hardcovers. Only ten sets available! Start your Weird House hardcover collection at a great price! Includes the following titles: Skin Medicine by Tim Curran, Down In The Deep Dark Places by Jason Parent, Cruel Stories by Donald Tyson, Something In The Water and Other Lovecraftian Stories by Douglas Wynne, and The Coffin Maker's Book of Dark Tales by Curtis M. Lawson and Joshua Rex.

Special 3: Trade Paperback Grab Bag #1: 5 trade paperbacks including Old Dark Houses by Tylor James, and Lucky's Girl by William Holloway and 3 mystery trade paperbacks!

Special 4: Trade Paperback Grab Bag #2: 5 signed and numbered trade paperback editions. Only ten sets available. This Grand Opening Special grab bag has two great titles: Year of the Rattlesnake by Steve Van Samson, and Horror of the Blood Devils by Tim Curran, and three other signed and numbered trade paperback editions! The last three books will be selected from our most recently published books.

Special 5: Deluxe Hardcover Edition With Slipcase Bundle: Your Deluxe hardcover edition bundle will include at least one signed and lettered hardcover edition, and four signed "PC" deluxe hardcover editions. Only six sets available of this special! Start your Weird House deluxe hardcover collection today at a great price! Includes the following titles: Signed "PC" 7" x 10" deluxe hardcover edition of Transmissions From Punktown edited by Brian M. Sammons! Signed and lettered deluxe hardcover edition with slipcase of The Exorcism of Winchester House by Douglas Wynne, and three more surprise Signed "PC" deluxe hardcover editions with slipcase! Selections will vary, but all will be great editions. Don't forget to use the code "SALE" in you check out, and receive an additional 20% off discount!

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