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Witches in the Cornfield: Best Weird Stories of Carl Jacobi, Volume 2

Witches in the Cornfield: Best Weird Stories of Carl Jacobi, Volume 2

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Edited by S. T. Joshi

One of the great Weird Tales writers!

Minnesota author Carl Jacobi was a widely published author of pulp fiction in the first half of the 20th century. A versatile writer, he produced many works ranging from adventure to science fiction to romance, often set in distant, exotic locations, but is best known for his horror stories, which appeared in Weird Tales, Amazing Stories, and elsewhere. H. P. Lovecraft and August Derleth were admirers of his writing. n the 1940s, Jacobi began receiving recognition for his decades of writing weird, fantasy, and science fiction. Arkham House published Revelations in Black (1947), and two further collections appeared in subsequent decades.

This second volume of Jacobi’s best weird fiction includes a representative selection of his tales from the 1940s through the 1980s. Among them are such tales of supernatural revenge as “The Lorenzo Watch” and “The Spanish Camera”; “Incident at Galloping Horse” and other tales of voodoo in the Caribbean; “The Unpleasantness at Carver House,” a brooding tale of psychological terror; and “The Aquarium” and other tales of sea horror. Jacobi draws upon his Minnesota roots in “Witches in the Cornfield” and other stories. The volume has been assembled by S. T. Joshi, a leading authority on weird fiction, who has added an illuminating introduction and a bibliography.


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      • Page Count: 268
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      Author: Carl Jacobi
      Cover: M. Wayne Miller
      Editor: S. T. Joshi


      “[‘Mive’] has the pervasive, insidious atmosphere so discouragingly lacking in almost all cheap weird fiction.”
      — H. P. Lovecraft

      “[‘Revelations in Black’] is a simple story, economically told, that made good use of traditional weird fiction props, which was very much Jacobi’s style.”
      — Stefan Dziemianowicz

      “Unlike the majority of his colleagues, [Jacobi] has never sought the limelight or courted favor with the media to obtain the degree of recognition he so deeply and definitely deserves.”
      — Robert Bloch

      “For over a half century [Jacobi] has been publishing first-rate tales, some in the weird-horror tradition, some science fiction, and a fair number in other fields as well. . . . Carl’s style is clear and sharp–never ornate or flamboyant. He is a dependable writer whose work wears well.”
      — Joseph Payne Brennan

      “I liked ‘Mive’ very much, and thought it an almost perfect gem of strange and malign fantasy.”
      — Clark Ashton Smith

      “Jacobi really has phenomenal talent, and ought to be well worth watching during the years to come.”
      — H. P. Lovecraft

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