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13 Posssessions Edited by Curtis M. Lawson and Joe Morey

13 Posssessions Edited by Curtis M. Lawson and Joe Morey

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Signed and Lettered Deluxe Hardcover Edition with Slipcase. Preorder Now!

Signed by all of the authors, artist, and editors!

The concept of possession has filled mankind with fear and intrigue for eons. Tales abound across the world of men and women succumbing to the influence of malevolent spirits. From biblical tales of Legion to contorted young girls on the silver screen to real life tales of fungal possession, the idea of losing oneself to a dark and dangerous entity continues to haunt and fascinate us. Weird House Press has gathered stories from13 of the finest horror authors in the world—stories that explore possession from various angles and touch upon the fears and anxieties that plague us all. In these pages you will find the spirits of vengeful lovers, ancient dead yearning for new life, and parasitic horrors. These tales will creep into your mind and take up residence, just like the demonic spirits that haunt the pages.

13 Posssessions: A New Weird House Press Anthology!

Wrap around cover by K. L. Turner

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