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A Prisoner of Dreamland and Other Oneiric Terrors

A Prisoner of Dreamland and Other Oneiric Terrors

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Here there be manticores!

Welcome to Dreamland, where the stars are hungry and unspeakable horrors dog the dreamer’s heels.

Things are seldom what they seem in Dreamland: forests are labyrinths and butterflies have teeth. Nor is there any reliable map of the twilight continent. Every oneironaut charts their own out of the whole cloth of imagination. Nor is dreaming always a private affair. Not when everyone in town shares the same dream, or a stadium full of fans participate in a Master Dreamer’s latest entertainment, or a dead sibling lures you into a haunted nightmare, or a killer leaves taunting clues in the Kingdom of Nod, or the ghost of an ancient warlock beguiles the dreamer with promises of power.

Dream logic is as squirrely as March weather. Anything’s possible. The dead may rise, and that lover you thought you would spend your life with but haven’t seen in decades could be waiting around the next corner happy to see you. Or devour you.

That light glimmering in the evening mist? Follow it at your peril! And whatever you do in the land of Morpheus in pursuit of adventure or mystery, do not, under any circumstance, as you value your immortal soul, disturb the dreams of slumbering gods.

There have always been oneironauts, intrepid dreamers of imagination and will, who create their dreams and control their outcome.

“Of Consciousness and Chaos,” “The Hungry Stars,” and “The Palimpsest” offer harrowing answers to the metaphysical question, what dread hand pulls the strings of reality?

In “A Cure for insomnia,” a grieving sister reunites with her departed sibling.

In “Somniphobia” and “Every Kid in Town,” unworldly horrors penetrate the wall of sleep.

In “The Witness,” “Mad Art,” and “A Private Affair,” shared dreams alter the fabric of the waking world.

In “Death Dream,” fans hack into a dream artist’s latest epic.

In “A Prisoner of Dreamland,” an architect builds a fabled city beyond the fields we know.

From the cosmic to the ghostly, A Prisoner of Dreamland and Other Oneiric Terrors presents fourteen tales that take the reader on a tour de force of the twilight kingdom of dreams.

A Prisoner in Dreamland Wraparound cover art

Wraparound cover art by K. L. Turner



      Deluxe Signed & Lettered Hardcover

      • Signed by Author Garrett Boatman and Artist K. L. Turner 
      • Hand-Lettered A to Z
      • Front cover artwork and interior artwork by K. L. Turner
      • Front Cover and Spine Stampings
      • Limited to 26 Lettered Editions
      • Housed in a Slipcase
      • Coming Soon!



      “With A Prisoner of Dreamland and Other Oneiric Terrors, Garrett Boatman takes readers on a phantasmic journey that is sometimes terrifying, sometimes quietly unsettling, and always wildly imaginative. From Lovecraftian homages to modern urban horror, from Victorian science fiction to good old-fashioned supernatural frights, this collection showcases Boatman’s breadth of styles while somehow never letting you forget that you’re a visitor in that always unpredictable, demented place he calls Dreamland. And trust me, these stories will follow you into your own dreams.”
      — JG Faherty, author of The Nightmare Man, The Wakening, and Houses of the Unholy

      “We all dream. But only some of us remember our dreams. Fortunately for the rest, there are writers who can take us back into the Dreamland of cruel miracles, stunning revelations, eldritch monsters, and wishes granted and lost. Garrett Boatman is one of those writers. A Prisoner of Dreamland and Other Oneiric Terrors is one of the best collections of dream horror I have ever read. Unparalleled in its scope, its vivid and compelling imagery, and its beautiful writing, it is a complete guide to Dreamland, and to its many mansions. It contains Lovecraftian nightmares (“Of Consciousness and Chaos”; “The Palimpsest”); family horror with dreams revealing long-buried secrets (“Granny” and “Homecoming”); oneiric noir with a hardboiled detective hunting demons in his sleep (“A Private Affair”); science fiction in which the combination of technology and dreams brings deadly results (“Death Dream”), and Edwardian pastiches (“The Hungry Stars”). But despite its generic variety, the collection has the same unity that dreams have: not of plot or character but of the power to bring together disparate images in a visionary whole. Like their subject matter, these oneiric tales linger in the mind for a long time after awakening. If you like Thomas Ligotti’s Songs of a Dead Dreamer, you will love Boatman’s stunning collection.”
      Elana Gomel, author of My Lady of Plagues, Nightwood, and Nine Levels

      “Garrett Boatman’s writing is crisp and cultivated, embodying a timeless quality one might enjoy from a barrel-aged brandy. And yet, reading between the lines—or rather, the dreams—one finds a tenderness and wit which evokes the human spirit and all its fears. Fears of this world…and the next.”
      — Lee Murray, Multiple Bram Stoker Awards®-Winner

      “Boatman’s writing bruises with brutality and humanity. Gritty, breakneck, and terrifyingly dark.”
      — Lee Murray, Multiple Bram Stoker Awards®-Winner

      “Garrett Boatman’s Floaters is like Peaky Blinders meets Return of the Living Dead. The story hits the ground running and doesn’t let up until the explosive end. Bloody, violent fun!”
      Todd Keisling, Bram Stoker Award nominated author of Devil’s Creek

      The Dark Half meets From Beyond in this tale that will scratch your old-school horror itch the only way Boatman knows how—ferocious, fast-paced, and fun.”
      Asher Ellis, author of Curse of the Pigman and The Remedy

      “Stage Fright was a wild ride! Garrett Boatman creates a world all his own with this novel. His characters feel like real people, and the plot is amazing and disturbing as it could happen in real life with today’s technology. Boatman was ahead of his time when creating Izzy’s tale, and imagining a world filled with Dreamies. Dreamies, in my mind were like a virtual reality concert, or a patron being taken on a trip by simply incorporating the right tonal waves. Will Izzy create his best Dreamy to date? Will it put the aging rocker back on the map? Or will the Dreamatron simply be a dream?”
      Negan88, Goodreads

      “With The Clocks of Midnight, Garrett Boatman adeptly guides the reader further into the mysteries of the Night’s Plutonian Shore. Equal parts phantasmagoria, compelling character study, and mystical quest, this dark, riveting novel proves that Boatman remains a force to be reckoned with in the field of horror fiction.”
      Richard Gavin, author of grotesquerie and The Infernal Masque

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