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After Dark: The Best Horror Stories of Tony Richards

After Dark: The Best Horror Stories of Tony Richards

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Forty Years of Horror.

A young boy creates an invisible friend. A dying man visits a faith-healer. Three friends on a fishing trip set up camp beside a jet-black lake. While out there in the ocean, something waits.

What is going on behind the barbed wire fence at the Trevon Point Research Facility? Why are the inhabitants of a small Spanish town attending a bullfight at the stroke of midnight?

Are the secretive rulers of old Paris coming back? Just how dangerous can it be, searching for a new love on the internet?

And in the freezing icy waters off the coast of Scandinavia … do men who are dead stay that way?

26 tales of terror from the supernatural dark, including six in Tony’s fictional town of Birchiam-on-Sea. Includes the frightening novella UNDER THE ICE!


      Trade Paperback

      • Color Cover
      • Page count: 408
      • In Stock

      Author: Tony Richards
      Cover: K. L. Turner
      Editor: Joe Morey


      “Brilliant, well thought-out and perfectly delivered by Tony Richards, who understands the balance that must be upheld between fantasy and reality … he has immediately established himself a favorite in my mind”
      — Horror Novel Reviews

      “Richards is a master at combining horror, fantasy and humor in a way that will mesmerize readers from cover to cover.”
      Rhomyilly Forbes, Romantic times Book Revews

      “A terrific author. A unique and eloquent voice.”
      John Pelan

      “A master of the art!”
      Black Static magazine

      “An amazing voice.”
      James A. Moore, author

      “Man, this guy can write.”
      Ed Gorman, author

      “Richards confirms his superb storytelling skill and refreshes the pleasure of savoring fine prose.”
      SF Site

      “A hell of a writer, one of today’s masters of dark fiction.”
      Mario Guslandi, Horror World

      “The rest of us stand on the sidelines with eyes wide open at his audacity and wonder what he’ll do next.”
      Peter Tennant, Black Static

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