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Alien Horrors by Tim Curran

Alien Horrors by Tim Curran

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In the deepest, darkest depths of space, the stars are cold, malevolent eyes looking across a vast graveyard of the unknown, the unnameable, and the undead. Here the planets are tombs and the moons haunted catacombs. And here are extraterrestrial nightmares beyond imagining. There is no benevolent first contact. No utopian worlds. Only alien horrors.

Some of the stories included in Alien Horrors:

  • Flypaper – An expeditionary team is trapped inside an alien machine that offers them anything they want at a terrible price.
  • City of Frozen Shadows – The last living man on Earth hides in a gutted city, hunted by alien exterminators.
  • The Black Ocean – Astronauts adrift in a misty alien ocean are attacked by a gigantic predator.
  • Charnel World – Mercenaries track the most lethal life form in the galaxy in the green hell of the planet Xenos.
  • Migration – A mining camp is directly in the path of a migrating alien hive.
  • Stowaway – The crew of a starship is stalked by a shapeshifting alien bloodsucker.

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      Author: Tim Curran
      Wraparound Cover: K. L. Turner
      Editor: Joe Morey


      “Cannibalism. Murder. Rape. Absolute brutality. When civilizations ends…when the human race begins to revert to ancient, predatory savagery…when the world descends into a bloodthirsty hell…there is only survival. But for one man and one woman, survival means becoming something less than human. Something from the primeval dawn of the race. “Shocking and brutal, The Devil Next Door will hit you like a baseball bat to the face. Curran seems to have it in for the world … and he’s ending it as horrifyingly as he can.”
      Tim Lebbon, author of Bar None

      “Tim Curran is one of those guys that people talk about when you speak of ultra-violent and gory horror. Books like Biohazard, or The Devil Next Door are a couple that I’ve read that made my stomach turn. I was wondering where Blackout might lead me when I got this from the publisher to review…Tim Curran builds on this with every turn of the page. Each of the characters have their own unique perspective and voice of the events, and the group survival mentality is in full effect. He does a great job of getting across just how dire of a situation this is through their actions and dialogue. Every bit of it had a purpose and moved this story forward.”
      Reviewed by Joe Hempel, Horror Novel Reviews

      “Tim Curran’s, The Devil Next Door is dynamite! Visceral, violent, and disturbing!”
      Brian Keene, author of Castaways and Dark Hollow

      “Nightcrawlers is a monster story and an ode to H. P. Lovecraft. I would say that this story has two of Lovecraft’s in it: The Colour Outer Space and Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family. It is also completely Tim Curran. Curran manages to own the story and the monsters within it. But one cannot deny the spirit of Lovecraft…So, having read the rest of the story, I can say that I had a great time reading it. You do get to know the characters more and more the deeper you go in, and one thing that surprised me is how much we got to know one character when she wasn’t even in it for very long. Throughout the story, including the ending, Curran shows his talent for creating actual frightening scenes that can linger long after reading them. If you let them. And you should. It is why we read horror after all, isn’t it?”
      Darkness Dwells

      “Dead Sea is an epic horror novel, and delightfully claustrophobic and reminiscent of Lovecraftian lore, a lengthy voyage into a genuinely chilly, fog-drenched horror novel that all fans should experience.”
      Paperback Stash

      “Horror is a lot of fun, and Worm is proof of that. If you’re looking for very complex plots with descriptive passages that belong in classic Russian novels and characters with full back stories, look elsewhere. However, if you’re looking for a taut, fun, grisly read, ignore the stench and sink your teeth into this one.”
      Gabino Iglesias, HORROR DNA

      “Tim Curran has a way of slinging words to create grotesque imagery that makes you cringe and yet you find yourself absorbed, frantically turning the pages to see what kind of gruesome avenues he takes you down. SOW is a quick and thoroughly enjoyable read. This is eye-popping madness, paranoia realized, body horror most foul. Curran takes what should be the one of the happiest times in someone’s life and turns it on its head. Really this is a story for anyone who craves a good, creepy yarn. If you’re a Curran fan and you haven’t read this one, you’d better rectify that. If you haven’t read Curran yet (what?), this is just as good a place as any to start as any. Think Rosemary’s Baby dunked in a bathtub full of acid and you begin to touch on the madness that is SOW”
      Robert Essig, Splatterpunkzine

      “Okay so I rocked on with this collection, Tasmaniac have kicked a major here kids, and I’ve found a new must read Writer whose name is now chiselled into my tree of counted sorrows. One of the best collections of the year in terms of quality and content, full recommendation this book is one that you simply cannot miss assuming you can get a copy before the print run is depleted. Take down the name Tim Curran, you are going to be hearing a lot about him in the coming years.”
      - Scaryminds

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