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Black Heart Boys’ Choir by Curtis M. Lawson

Black Heart Boys’ Choir by Curtis M. Lawson

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Great art demands sacrifice.

Lucien Beaumont is a teenage misfit and musical prodigy ostracized by his peers and haunted by familial tragedy. When he discovers an unfinished song composed by his dead father—a song that holds terrible power—Lucien becomes obsessed. As he chases after the secret nature of his father’s music, the line between gruesome fantasy and real life violence begins to blur.To complete his father’s work Lucien believes that he and his group of outcast friends must appease a demonic force trapped within the music with increasingly sadistic offerings. As things spiral out of control he finds that the cost of his art will be the lives of everyone around him, and perhaps his very soul.


      Signed & Numbered Limited Edition Hardcover

      • Signed by Author Curtis M. Lawson
      • Hand-Numbered 1 to 100
      • Color Dust Jacket
      • Front Cover and Spine Stampings
      • Color Endsheets
      • In Stock

      Author: Curtis M. Lawson
      Cover & Interior Illustrations: Luke Spooner
      Editor & Foreword: S. T. Joshi


      “Curtis M. Lawson is a formidable new talent in the horror/weird fiction scene, soon to garner more well-deserved attention for his riveting and wildly imaginative work.”
      Jeffrey Thomas, author of Punktown

      “Lawson drags us back in time, through smoke and fire, and forces us to confront the hellish realities that ignite his urban landscape.”
      Gregor Xane, author of The Hanover Block

      “Fluid writing and expert pacing…”
      Publishers Weekly

      “BLACK HEART BOYS’ CHOIR is an exquisitely constructed novel. From its opening refrains to its cacophonous climax, Lawson has brought his readers a powerful work of personal horror that permits no escape from its howled chorus of chaos and deception.”
      Dr. Géza A. G. Reilly

      “Curtis M. Lawson conducts an eloquent, page-turning symphony of destruction. A brave, singular vision of unbridled rage.”
      Evans Light, author of SCREAMSCAPES

      “An utterly original story that succeeds on the micro level with Curtis M. Lawson’s expertly realized Swift River High, and on the macro level in the same vein of Lovecraft’s most dread-inspiring tales of cosmic horror, Black Heart Boys’Choir is razor-sharp, relentlessly chilling, and will cut you like the abruptly-severed string of a fiendishly-played violin.”

      “Black Heart Boys’ Choir is a stunningly honest meditation on the nature of abuse, neglect, and despondency inherent in contemporary society, and the feverish violence they can produce. Lucien Beaumont wears his suit like a carapace against an unfeeling world, and his music is a cry of anguish and retribution which stokes and billows the flames and forces of Hell. Lawson’s full-throttle narrative, smart writing, and apt political ruminations make the novel essential reading for these fractious and acrimonious times.”
      Joshua Rex, Author of THE DESCENT AND OTHER STORIES

      “This is about knowing there is something pure and worthwhile in the world and in yourself, and respecting that, regardless of the mediocre and the spiteful.”
      William Holloway, author of THE IMMORTAL BODY

      “Just flat out original, unique. I haven’t read anything like it.”
      Well Read Beard

      “Curtis M. Lawson writes with bravado and pomp and strong conviction; at once euphonious and discordant, dulcet and harsh, Black Heart Boys’ Choir will strike its startling chord deep inside you, causing your own heart to vibrate with its resonance. There’s nothing else quite like it.”
      — Matthew M. Bartlett, author of GATEWAYS TO ABOMINATION

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