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Dead Sea Chronicles

Dead Sea Chronicles

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Signed "PC" deluxe hardcover edition with slipcase is up for Preorder. Only 3 deluxe editions available!

Dead Sea Chronicles is the perfect companion to Dead Sea! Designed to look the same as Dead Sea, this volume will sit handsomely next to Dead Sea on your bookshelf. This edition contains new fiction from Tim Curran! The front cover artwork is by the amazing K. L. Turner.



Come back to a mist-shrouded realm of horrors outside our own world...

Come back to a place where rotting hulks drift on brackish tides and the nightmares of wayward travelers come to hideous life...

Come back to a rancid ocean choked with a tangled maze of moldering vegetation and the decomposing carcasses of those who died screaming for rescue...

Come back to a world where predators soar through noxious clouds, aquatic leviathans lurk in the currents below and the souls of lost sailors suffer an infinite torment on their final voyages...



      Deluxe Signed and Lettered Hardcover

      • Signed by Author Tim Curran and Artist K. L. Turner   
      • Hand-Lettered A to Z  
      • Front cover artwork by K. L. Turner
      • Front Cover and Spine Stampings
      • Limited to 26 Lettered Editions
      • Housed in a Slipcase
      • 294 Pages!


      “Dead Sea Chronicles is a bravura piece of work, accessible even to readers unfamiliar with the original novel.”
      — Doris V. Sutherland

      “Tim Curran excels, and creates amazing atmosphere in Dead Sea Chronicles.”
      — Paperback Mania

      “Dead Sea is an epic horror novel, and delightfully claustrophobic and reminiscent of Lovecraftian lore, a lengthy voyage into a genuinely chilly, fog-drenched horror novel that all fans should experience.”
      — Paperback Stash

      “While reading Curran's deadly sojourn into this alien body of water, I was reminded of Hammer Films' The Lost Continent, which was derived from Dennis Wheatley's Uncharted Seas. An avowed William Hope Hodgson fan to boot, Curran loves the sea so much he apparently wants to frighten the rest of us away!”
      — Zombos' Closet

      “Open water horror usually does nothing for me, but, Dead Sea by Tim Curran is pure Lovecraftian  cosmic nightmare fuel!”
      — From Reddit

      “Tim Curran’s, The Devil Next Door is dynamite! Visceral, violent, and disturbing!”
      — Brian Keene, author of Castaways and Dark Hollow

      “Tim Curran has a way of slinging words to create grotesque imagery that makes you cringe and yet you find yourself absorbed, frantically turning the pages to see what kind of gruesome avenues he takes you down. SOW is a quick and thoroughly enjoyable read. This is eye-popping madness, paranoia realized, body horror most foul. Curran takes what should be the one of the happiest times in someone’s life and turns it on its head. Really this is a story for anyone who craves a good, creepy yarn. If you’re a Curran fan and you haven’t read this one, you’d better rectify that. If you haven’t read Curran yet (what?), this is just as good a place as any to start as any. Think Rosemary’s Baby dunked in a bathtub full of acid and you begin to touch on the madness that is SOW”
      — Robert Essig, Splatterpunkzine

      “Okay so I rocked on with this collection, Tasmaniac have kicked a major here kids, and I’ve found a new must read Writer whose name is now chiselled into my tree of counted sorrows. One of the best collections of the year in terms of quality and content, full recommendation this book is one that you simply cannot miss assuming you can get a copy before the print run is depleted. Take down the name Tim Curran, you are going to be hearing a lot about him in the coming years.”
      — Scaryminds

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