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Lucky’s Girl: A Novel by William Holloway

Lucky’s Girl: A Novel by William Holloway

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Only 1 Signed and lettered deluxe hardcover edition with slipcase remains!

Signed "PC" deluxe hardcover edition with slipcase is in stock and shipping. Only 3 deluxe editions available!

Something Ancient has awakened on Grove Island.

Something has slept for a milliennia. Patient, wise, and hungry. Something that hunted the forest primeval, and howled under black skies. Something that knows the human animal better than any human.

Kenny McCord had the American Dream, more than he could have ever imagined growing up in Elton Township. But all of that is over, and he is headed home a broken man. However, Kenny is not the only prodigal son of Elton Township. His childhood best friend has returned as well. A dangerously charismatic man will make Kenny, and Elton Township, pay for the sins of the past.


Deluxe Signed & Lettered Slipcased Hardcover

  • Signed by Author William Holloway
  • Hand-Lettered A to Z
  • Color Dust Jacket
  • Front Cover and Spine Stampings
  • Housed in a Slipcase
  • Limited to 26 Lettered Editions
  • In Stock and Shipping

Trade Paperback - 100 Signed & Numbered Edition

  • Signed by Author William Holloway
  • Hand-Numbered 1 to 100
  • Color Cover
  • Limited to 100 Numbered Editions


“William Holloway is masterful at creating an atmosphere of disquiet and dread, and cranking up the discomfort until we can hear the foundation of our safe reality begin to creak with the threat of breaking away altogether. Why do reader s like me enjoy feeling unsettled in this way? Don’t ask me, but we do, and Holloway is here to provide the unsettling in spades.”
— Jeffrey Thomas, author of The American

“For dark, twisted and an altogether messed-up horror that throws you to the wolves time and again, you really can’t go far wrong with this hellish-trip of a novel. It’s got more nightmares and mind-screwing horror packed into its pages than a night spent in the LSD-corrupted mind of Charles Manson at the pinnacle of his sex-crazed-power-tripping madness.”
— DLS Reviews

“All said and done, I recommend you pick this novel up and give it a read. Mr. Holloway is a talented writer and The Immortal Body is well worth your time.”
— Horror Novel Reviews

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