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Nemesis of the Gods Trilogy by Catherine Cavendish

Nemesis of the Gods Trilogy by Catherine Cavendish

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A trilogy! All three novels in one book!

An obsession beyond reason. A passion that transcends the grave…

#1 Wrath of the Ancients

1913. Storm clouds gather over Europe – and in a basement in Vienna, an unquiet spirit stirs…

Adeline always dreamed of visiting the Austrian capital, so the chance to work there seems like a dream come true. But, from the moment she sets foot in the elegant mansion that belonged to the late archeologist Dr. Emeryk Quintillus, she senses a presence—one so menacing and evil, she fears for her sanity and her life.

Strange noises from behind the walls, shadowy figures that cannot be there, hieroglyphics that appear on the wall, and an enigmatic portrait of a long dead Egyptian queen. Quintillus had made the discovery of the century—so why did he hide it?

Ancient enemies are at war in this mysterious house, and Adeline’s fate is inextricably woven to theirs.

#2 Waking the Ancients

Quintillus is waiting. Arsinoe will have her revenge…

It should have been the assignment of a lifetime. Newly arrived in Vienna and living in a sumptuous mansion, Paula’s only challenge appears to be learning the language. But Villa Dürnstein is a house of sinister secrets—most of them in the basement. There, the unquiet spirit of Dr. Emeryk Quintillus continues to search for the woman who will take on the essence of the long-dead Cleopatra. His obsession with her has reached fever-pitch.

Now he has found her.

#3 Damned by the Ancients

Dare to defy the gods and you will pay the price…

Vienna, 1908 – Quintillus, brings Gabriele Ziegler to the studio of Gustav Klimt. The artist will paint the troubled girl as Cleopatra, with whom Quintillus is infatuated, but the painting is cursed and the girl is possessed by the spirit of Cleopatra’s long dead sister, the vengeful Arsinoe.

Now Arsinoe and Quintillus begin their unholy alliance

Vienna 2018 – nine-year-old Heidi Mortimer can see things others cannot. Her almost cat-like vision enables her to see the mysterious man in the basement. He asks for her help but her parents will not believe her. Yet in the basement, the long dead Quintillus is trapped, but not for long. He knows the little girl will help him.

Whatever the cost.


Trade Paperback

  • Color Cover
  • Page Count: 698
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Author: Catherine Cavendish
Editor: Joe Morey
Cover Art: Cyrus Wraith Walker


“In a world of zombies, vampires and prehistoric sea creatures, Wrath of the Ancients is a breath of fresh air.”
— 2 Book Lovers’ Reviews

“Like the darkest stories of Poe, Stevenson, and Doyle, it is a slow-burning tale of claustrophobia, madness, secrets, and myths.”
— Beauty in Ruins

“If you haven’t had the pleasure to stumble upon Cavendish, Wrath of the Ancients is a great one to introduce yourself.”
— Into the Macabre

“The apprehension was so intense that I kept looking up from the book, checking every dark corner in my room, making sure no portraits were staring at me.”
— Black Magic Reviews

“If you’re looking for a great horror book to read, look no further! Wrath of the Ancients has all the ingredients for a spooky tale!”
— Mello and June

“An atmospheric gothic horror tale that effortlessly blends together history and the supernatural to create an unsettling horror story that will appeal to almost any horror fan.”
— The Horror Bookshelf

“Catherine Cavendish delivers the disquiet and the dread – two things I love”
— Cedar Hollow Reviews


“Another splendid piece of Gothic horror from one of the best in the genre.”
 Russell James, author of Q Island

“Catherine Cavendish can unfailingly be counted on to scare readers senseless as simultaneously we find ourselves totally engrossed with her realistic characters. This haunting tale is second in the new WRATH OF THE ANCIENTS Trilogy.”
 The Haunted Reading Room


“A master of Gothic horror.”
 Russell James, author of Q Island

“Damned By the Ancients proves once again that Catherine Cavendish weaves creepy tales with believable characters in an atmospheric melding of history and horror.”
 Cats Luv Coffee Book Reviews

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