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Our Holy Leviathan by Tylor James

Our Holy Leviathan by Tylor James

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Signed and lettered deluxe hardcover edition with slipcase.

“. . . a winged thing arises from the depths and flits its giant, savage form across the moon . . . drips sea from its veined wings like falling diamonds . . . then swoops and descends into the ocean to linger beneath the surface . . .”

Caught in a freakish storm, Brian Hodgson washes ashore on Maccba Island—a backwards isle populated by a friendly, yet bizarre Irish society that worships a legendary ‘leviathan of sea and sky’. Brian is a dogmatic skeptic, and dismisses their pious devotion as nothing more than silly superstition. His persistent nightmares, however, suggest an undercurrent of truth, and he begins to suspect he may be the recipient of a dark prophecy.

The islanders act as if they live in the nineteenth century—wearing bonnets, breeches, and frock coats, eschewing all electricity, and sailing on The Gorgon, a mighty galleon ship built for whaling. Brian finds it all strange, yet quaint, and goes so far as to adopt the islander’s antiquated habits.

The mysterious fate of Hans Gansevoort (the isle’s lighthouse keeper), a macabre ‘Church of Maccba’, the mysterious appearance of onyx statues, and other nebulous intrigues draw Brian deeper into the legend of Maccba, until, at last, he discovers the horrible truth—the creature exists, and he will have to face it at sea if he is to save himself, the woman he loves, and an infant girl offered up for sacrifice.


Deluxe Signed & Lettered Slipcased Hardcover

  • Signed by Tylor James and K. L. Turner   
  • Hand-Lettered A to Z   
  • Cover and interior artwork by K. L. Turner   
  • Housed in a Slipcase  
  • Limited to 26 Lettered Editions 
  • Preorder Now!

“Tylor James is a writer on a journey, a decidedly dark one to be sure—one that swerves and meanders from the Gothic to the weird to the supernatural and beyond. His work has the nostalgic wash of sentiment seen in Bradbury, with the bleak ruminations of Lovecraft, and the dissective precision and questioning of Poe.”
Joshua Rex, author of Haunted Victorian America, and The Innamorta

“To read Tylor James’ fiction is to feel all the dread and elation of getting lost in a carnival house of mirrors. Shadows, grotesque figures, swirls of melody and light; if you manage to find your way out, you’ll want to turn around and run right back in.”
— Jacqueline Holland, author of The God of Endings

“Tylor James is a modern shaman, weaving dark miracles by firelight. A writer to watch, this consummate storyteller evokes both terror and awe in poetical reworkings of classic horror themes. An author who cares about his craft . . . and hears the wisdom of shadows.”
— William P. Simmons (bestselling author of The Halloween Boy & Other October Horrors)

“Tylor James’ work is as old school weird and scary as it gets.”
— Terry M. West, author of What Price Gory? and Car Nex

“Tylor James takes his readers on a sometimes terrible, sometimes disgusting, and sometimes darkly humorous tour through his imagination..”
— Heather Miller, author of Tales My Grandmother Told Me

“His arrival in the horror genre is a revelation and I suspect a tremendous career awaits this young author. Honestly, I find his prose works with smoother efficiency than that of many of his more seasoned contemporaries. I have no doubt what we’re witnessing here is the evolution of one of the luminaries of the genre moving forward.”
— Duane Ullery, author of Highway 181 and Beyond Where the Sky Ends

“Tylor James wields a flowing pen that makes his stories impossible not to devour.”
— Hunter Shea, author of The Montauk Monster and The Jersey Devil

“Tylor James is an incredibly old-fashioned spirit, which is why I think I enjoy his work, because his influences come from an earlier era, rather than contemporary.”
— Jayson Ducharme, author of Fables to Depart By and The Modern Prometheus

“There are transportive and transformative powers in Tylor James’s writing. No matter when you’re reading, you’ll hear the crunch of multicolored leaves under foot, smell warm mugs of piping hot cocoa blending with campfire smoke, and feel a chill breeze across the back of your neck. This autumnal summoning reaches its apex in Old Dark Houses, a Halloween-time love letter that will have you seeing Jack O’Lanterns on every corner. As it should be.”
— Patrick Barb, author of Pre-Approved for Haunting and Other Stories

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