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Return To Isle of The Dead and Other Tales of Alhazred by Donald Tyson

Return To Isle of The Dead and Other Tales of Alhazred by Donald Tyson

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For a limited time only you purchase The Alhazred Trifecta by Donald Tyson. All three books are included in this deal: The Red Stone of Jubbah, Mountain of Shadows, and Return to Isle of The Dead and Other Tales of Alhazred. Only $45.00 this April. Shipping in CONUS is included!

H. P. Lovecraft’s fabled character, Alhazred, the Mad Arab who wrote the infamous Necronomicon is back with new and startling tales of sword and sorcery, horror, and adventure.

Alhazred, author of the dreaded book known as the Necronomicon, lives in comfort and relative security at Damascus in the Lane of Scholars with his two companions, the young Egyptian girl, Martala, and the scarred mercenary and master swordsman, Altrus. In the basement of his house he is free to practice his necromantic arts unhindered by the Caliph’s laws or the religious fury of the mullahs. But trouble has a way of finding Alhazred. When Moawiya the Second, the Caliph at Damascus, asks him to investigate an island of walking corpses ruled over by alien monsters from another dimension, Alhazred is hardly in a position to refuse, even if he wants to do so. He and his companions are launched into a series of deadly adventures involving sorcery, ghouls, djinn, strange creatures and vindictive priests that lead them across the entire breathe of the ancient Islamic Empire, and beyond.

In addition to ten linked stories of magic and high adventure that take place when Alhazred is a young man, the novella The Last 12 Days of Alhazred recounts the events of the final days of Alhazred in his old age through the eyes of his pupil, Hassad ibn Khaled, a young man of good family at Damascus to whom Alhazred has promised to teach the necromantic arts. As his study of the Necronomicon progresses from day to day, Hassad becomes aware of a gathering shadow hanging over the house of Alhazred, but he is unable to prevent the unfolding of Alhazred’s horrifying fate.

A brand new short story collection concerned with Alhazred, the mad Arab. Anchored with the novella, The Last 12 Days of Alhazred. All fiction is original to this collection!


Signed & Numbered Hardcover

  • Signed by Author Donald Tyson
  • Hand-Numbered 1 to 100
  • Color Dust Jacket
  • Spine Stamping
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Trade Paperback

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Story: Donald Tyson
Wraparound Cover Artwork: Cyrus Wraith Walker
Editor: Joe Morey


“Donald Tyson is one of the most scintillating writers in the Lovecraftian tradition. The stories in this book, with their richly textured style, vivid characterization, and compelling scenarios, are among the best examples of contemporary Cthulhu Mythos fiction.”
— S. T. Joshi

“I couldn’t resist a book about Abdul Alhazred of Necronomicon fame! And I’m glad I did because Mr. Tyson’s story is tightly plotted with evocative imagery and excellent characterization. Everyone comes across as a well-rounded believable person even with the fantastic world they inhabit. The plot moves along smartly with little or no wasted side trips and the resolution is satisfying and rather surprising. Anyone who has wondered about the man who ‘wrote’ the Necronomicon is in for a treat!”
— David Chamberlain

“… Tyson takes Lovecraft’s Cthulian mythos and weaves it into the real world almost seamlessly. Tyson’s understanding of Lovecraft’s world and gods is phenomenal, and he shows a great ability to make that mythos his own.”
— Tobias Mastgrave

“…Tyson wove Lovecraft’s Mythos with genuine bits of history, myth, and magick to create an eerie sense of believability.”
— Drew Montgomerey, RPGNET

“A fascinating glimpse in the mechanizations of Lovecraft’s world as the journey one would need to take in order to be crazy enough to create the Necronomicon.”
— The Hopeful Librarian

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