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Sherlock Holmes: A Casebook of Nightmares and Monsters by Simon Clark

Sherlock Holmes: A Casebook of Nightmares and Monsters by Simon Clark

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Written in the classic manner of the great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Simon Clark presents seven occult tales that plunge Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson into a series of adventures that are as mysterious as they are deadly.

Simon Clark has been writing Holmes stories for over twenty years, and has also edited two anthologies, The Mammoth Book of Sherlock Holmes Abroad and Sherlock Holmes’ School for Detection for Robinson.

This substantial collection, of more than eighty thousand words, features several novella length tales that venture into the eeriest of territories and the strangest of encounters, including:

Holmes’ forensic examination of ancient Egyptian mummies that are not what they first seem… nor do they remain as motionless as the dead should be.

Holmes and Watson descend into ocean depths in a diving bell, hunting for the source of an uncanny voice that haunts all that hear it.

The great detective goes in search of an old friend through a grim landscape of trenches, barbed wire and shell craters in a world scarred by war.

A man implores Holmes to save his daughter who might well be the victim of a terrible curse invoked by a pagan god from the bloody age of the Vikings.

Holmes went to stand at the black coffin, although I should employ the correct term ‘sarcophagus’—this one profusely covered with etchings of those mysterious hieroglyphs and, almost covering one side, a large eye of Horus, that ancient symbol of magical protection composed of flowing lines. “Watson, if you please…” My friend spoke in vigorous tones. “Would you be so good as to hand me the scalpel? I wish to see what lies beneath this gentleman’s face.”

All the stories are new and original to this collection with the exception of ‘Sherlock Holmes & the Diving Bell’, which was first published in Gaslight Arcanum: Uncanny Tales of Sherlock Holmes, edited by J.R Campbell and Charles Prepolec, EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, 2011.

Special Publisher’s note: There is a story included in this volume which is not for the faint of heart, and a special disclaimer from Mycroft Holmes warning readers of an unbelievable and terrible end for the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes. Tread gently, dear readers, and please read this story with caution, and please remember that it is just a work of fiction!

This is the trade paperback edition of SHERLOCK HOLMES: TALES OF MYSTERY AND HORROR by Simon Clark. It includes one more new story titled, “The Climbing Man.” A fascinating story of Sherlock Holmes solving a case inside an ancient tomb in Mesopotamia! Another intriguing and entertaining Sherlock Holmes adventure from Simon Clark which is not included in the original hardcover edition!


      Trade Paperback

      • Color Cover
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      Author: Simon Clark
      Front Cover & Interior Art: M. Wayne Miller
      Editor: Joe Morey


      “… Inventive and fast moving – good old-fashioned fun.”
      — Washington Post on The Night of the Triffids

      “… This guy is something special. It’s time to find out what you’ve been missing.”
      — Hellnotes

      “… The book’s editor, Simon Clark, adds a fun, rather Boy’s Own tale set in Mesopotamia with plenty of action… Conan Doyle was famously quoted as saying “do what you like with him” and while some authors have chosen to write in a similar vein others have made the character their own. An interesting and lively compendium of stories.”
      Rachel A Hyde on The Mammoth Book of Sherlock Holmes Abroad, edited by — Simon Clark

      “… Clark has the ability to keep the reader looking over his shoulder to make sure that sudden noise you hear is just the summer night breeze rattling the window.”

      “The pleasure of reading Blood Crazy is immense. I loved it both as a novel and an experience.”
      — Mark Morris, Shivers

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