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The Cthulhu Heresy and Other Lovecraftian Sins

The Cthulhu Heresy and Other Lovecraftian Sins

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A brand new Lovecraftian collection from Peter Rawlik!

100 signed and numbered hardcover edition is up for preorder!


Cthulhu doesn’t live here any more . . .

From the distant past to the far future. From the depths of the darkest ocean to the empty spaces between galaxies. From war-torn Arkham down the stairs to Deepest Slumber. From seedy bookstores to shining starships.

Pete Rawlik is proud to present twenty-seven tales of the Lovecraftian horrors that haunt the universe and the men, women, and cats that choose, for better or worse, to take a stand against them.


Deluxe Signed & Lettered Hardcover

  • Signed by Author Peter Rawlik, Artist Dan Sauer, and Editor Curtis M. Lawson
  • Hand-Lettered A to Z
  • Color Dust Jacket
  • Front Cover and Spine Stampings
  • Limited to 26 Lettered Editions
  • Housed in a Slipcase
  • Edited by Curtis M. Lawson
  • Sold Out!




“Rawlik’s first novel, Reanimators (2013), was the perfect example of how to write a book in a shared universe without descending into pastiche; The Weird Company is a how to expand your vision of that universe, and how to make it your own, without diminishing the source material.”

“The once human characters deal with their loss of humanity and their hope that they are not just monsters in sometimes subtle but always complex ways. Combine this with a wonderful League-of-Extraordinary-Gentleman-like plotline and you have a great adventure tale worthy of being included among any fan’s library.”
Arkham Horror Book Club

“The coolest, most gifted Lovecraftian writer working today.”
— W. H. Pugmire, author of The Strange Dark One

“Rawlik rampages through Lovecraft country like a grave-robber on formaldehyde ... not so much a writer to watch as one to keep under constant supervision, animal tranquilizers, and heavy restraints.”
— Cody Goodfellow, author of Radiant Dawn, on Reanimators



“Rawlik takes the epistolary form through turns alternately weird, witty, and sexy in this tale of abomination and obsession, giving readers a lively romp through Lovecraft country that will leave fans of the genre hungry for more. Even better, Megan Halsey-Griffith is the anti-heroine you don't want to just read about—you want to be.”
Wendy N. Wagner, author of Starspawn and Skinwalkers, On Reanimatrix

“Creating original work that pays homage to the classics without sliding into slavish imitation is a tightrope act, and one that Pete Rawlik pulls off with aplomb in Reanimatrix. The result is a richly inventive, Wold Newton-ish world in which Lovecraft’s creations rub shoulders with figures from history, fiction, and beyond. It’s a place where Dr. Jekyll, Dr. Moreau, and My Fair Lady’s Professor Henry Higgins can collaborate to study the Color Out of Space,’ and really, what more could you ask for?”
— Orrin Grey, author of Painted Monsters & Other Strange Beasts

“Rawlik takes readers on a kaleidoscopic terror ride . . . Lovecraft connoisseurs will find much to love in this frequently gruesome and, at times, quite racy tale.”
Publishers Weekly

“Blew even my vague early expectations away . . . It's fun, it's sly, it's clever. I was reminded of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.”
The Horror Fiction Review

“I loved the detective noir style and the Lovecraftian horror element of this book.”
San Francisco Book Review

“Reanimatrix is a genre-blending thrill ride. . . Rawlik does a wonderful job of grabbing you and immersing you into his world. It's a true pleasure to read.”
The Qwillery

“A satisfying mystery told in a perfect 1920s hardboiled narrative voice and style with just the right amount of Lovecraftian-inspired chills to keep horror fans interested. Especially fun is how Rawlik seamlessly works famous doctors from horror fiction’s past [eg, Dr. Frankenstein, Dr. Moreau, Dr. Jekyll] into the plot.”
RA For All

“It is safe to say that at this point, Pete Rawlik knows the world of Lovecraft better than Lovecraft himself . . . Reanimatrix takes Lovecraft and places him squarely in the world of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett . . . It is Rawlik’s most mature work to date, alternately gory and salacious but still letting the story set the pace.”
Hellnotes, reviewed by David Goudsward

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