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The Exorcism of Winchester House by Douglas Wynne

The Exorcism of Winchester House by Douglas Wynne

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The Winchester House: a rambling Victorian mansion shrouded in secrecy and speculation. Built by the reclusive heiress of a rifle fortune with endless, labyrinthine additions, rumors swirl of vengeful spirits, occult mysteries, and a temple of resurrection. But when Father Diego Montero hears the dying confession of a carpenter who worked there, he discovers an even darker tale. It is the story of a mother who raised a ghost, of a sorceress who built a castle to house her dead daughter’s spirit, and of a blood pact forged with a dark power. Drawn into the mystery at the heart of the notorious house, Father Diego is wholly unprepared for what he discovers. To defend against a force that threatens to wreak havoc on the world at large, he must rely on his own secret occult knowledge and risk expulsion from the Church. But with his personal demons lurking in the shadows, can he save Winchester House and its occupants from the evil that infuses it, or will it crumble under the weight of its dark history?


Deluxe Signed & Lettered Slipcased Hardcover

  • Signed by Author Douglas Wynne
  • Hand-Lettered A to Z
  • Color Dust Jacket
  • Front Cover and Spine Stampings
  • Housed in a Slipcase
  • Limited to 26 Lettered Editions
  • In Stock

Signed & Numbered Limited Edition Hardcover

  • Signed by Author Douglas Wynne
  • Hand-Numbered 1 to 100
  • Color Dust Jacket
  • Spine Stamping
  • Color Endsheets
  • In Stock

      Authors: Douglas Wynne
      Front Cover: Cyrus Wraith Walker
      Editor: Joe Morey


      “Fans of occult fantasy will be happy to sink their teeth into this shadowy world.”
      — Publishers Weekly

      “By turns rollicking, chilling, charming, and frightening.”
      — The Innsmouth Free Press

      “Wynne skillfully blends ancient myth, modern events, and Lovecraftian ideas into a fast-paced narrative about the places where official history and secret history collide.”
      — John Langan, author of Children of the Fang

      “A thrilling action-adventure story…with hints–and more than hints–of chilling Lovecraftian cosmicism.”
      — S. T. Joshi

      “Wynne weaves a spell that will take you back in time, slip you into alternate universes, and drench you in a hot, smoky world filled with tantric sex, mad scientists, mysterious cults, secret government agencies and characters that leap off the page to pull you in. Don’t miss this ride.”
      — Philip Fracassi, author of Beneath a Pale Sky

      “Douglas Wynne is the real deal.”
      — Christopher Golden, author of Road of Bones

      “Wynne expands upon Lovecraftian mythology with style.”
      — Laird Barron, author of The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All

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