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The Exploded Soul by Jeffrey Thomas

The Exploded Soul by Jeffrey Thomas

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The Exploded Soul by Jeffrey Thomas is the third title in the new Dark Moons science fiction horror imprint!


On the icy moon Titania, in orbit around Uranus, research has been underway with the aid of a beetle-like alien race to develop interplanetary teleportation that would replace the use of spaceships. However, an explosion at the research base has killed many of the staff...and that isn’t the worst of the problem. Since the explosion, strange beings and creatures have mysteriously begun appearing at the base.

Captain Robert Fuseli, a surgeon and experienced soldier, is called in to investigate. What he discovers about these dangerous arrivals shocks the researchers, and most shocking of all is the possibility that if the anomaly isn’t solved, there may be no end to the number of monstrous beings materializing on Titania.

The Exploded Soul is a thrilling blend of science fiction and horror, from the acclaimed author of the Punktown series.


      Deluxe Signed & Lettered Slipcased Hardcover

      • Signed by Author and Artist
      • Hand-Lettered A to Z
      • Color Dust Jacket
      • Front Cover artwork by Frank Walls
      • Housed in a Slipcase
      • Limited to 26 Lettered Editions
      • Preorder now!


      “Jeffrey Thomas’ imagination is as twisted as it is relentless.”
      — F. Paul Wilson, author of The Keep

      “With brutal elegance and chilling subtlety, Thomas pulls his readers into his dark visions immediately from every opening line.”
      Paul Di Filippo, in Asimov’s

      “Thomas’s control of pacing and plot is expert.”
      Eric Brown, in The Guardian

      “Jeffrey Thomas is a writer to watch. I just can’t put down his books once I start them.”
      — Douglas Clegg, author of the Mordred series

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