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The Quest For Alhazred by Donald Tyson

The Quest For Alhazred by Donald Tyson

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The signed and lettered deluxe hardcover edition of The Quest For Alhazred is in stock and shipping!

The 100 signed and numbered hardcover edition of The Quest For Alhazred is in stock and shipping!

The Quest For Alhazred by Donald Tyson
A-Z signed and lettered deluxe hardcover edition with slipcase. Coming Soon!
100 signed and numbered hardcover edition. Coming Soon!

In the fullness of his life, Abdul Alhazred, author of the dreaded Necronomicon, was snatched into the air and devoured by an invisible demon in the marketplace at Damascus before hundreds of witnesses. But where necromancy is concerned, all is not always as it seems, and death is not necessarily the end. Alhazred’s lifelong companion, Martala, is determined to search for his remains so that he can be resurrected from his essential salts. But where to look? With the help of Hassid, son of a wealthy merchant and Alhazred’s young student in the necromantic arts, and Anisah, the half-fairy daughter of the great Greek mage Harkanos, she sets off to find Alhazred’s bones and restore him to life. Alhazred’s father, who is a djinn of the Ninth Circle, aids them in their search by lending them the fabled flying carpet of Solomon. Their perilous quest leads them across the face of the ancient world and to other worlds beyond comprehension. Have the final words of Alhazred’s story been written? Has fate closed the book of his life? Or is Martala’s love strong enough to burst asunder the gates of time and space, and free his soul from everlasting torment?



Deluxe Signed & Lettered Slipcased Hardcover

  • Signed by Author Donald Tyson and Artist K. L. Turner
  • Hand-Lettered A to Z
  • Color Dust Jacket and End Sheets
  • Front Cover and Spine Stampings
  • Housed in a slipcase
  • In stock and shipping

Signed and Numbered Hardcover Edition

  • Signed by Author Donald Tyson and artist Kent Turner
  • Hand-Numbered 1 to 100
  • Color Dust Jacket
  • Front Cover and Spine Stampings
  • Color End Sheets
  • In stock and shipping!


“Donald Tyson is one of the most scintillating writers in the Lovecraftian tradition. The stories in this book, with their richly textured style, vivid characterization, and compelling scenarios, are among the best examples of contemporary Cthulhu Mythos fiction.” —S. T. Joshi

“I couldn’t resist a book about Abdul Alhazred of Necronomicon fame! And I’m glad I did because Mr. Tyson’s story is tightly plotted with evocative imagery and excellent characterization. Everyone comes across as a well-rounded believable person even with the fantastic world they inhabit. The plot moves along smartly with little or no wasted side trips and the resolution is satisfying and rather surprising. Anyone who has wondered about the man who ‘wrote’ the Necronomicon is in for a treat!” —David Chamberlain

“… Tyson takes Lovecraft’s Cthulian mythos and weaves it into the real world almost seamlessly. Tyson’s understanding of Lovecraft’s world and gods is phenomenal, and he shows a great ability to make that mythos his own.” —Tobias Mastgrave

“…Tyson wove Lovecraft’s Mythos with genuine bits of history, myth, and magick to create an eerie sense of believability.” —Drew Montgomerey, RPGNET

“A fascinating glimpse in the mechanizations of Lovecraft’s world as the journey one would need to take in order to be crazy enough to create the Necronomicon.”—The Hopeful Librarian

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