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Tombstones by G. O. Clark

Tombstones by G. O. Clark

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Tombstones mark the passage of one’s life and time, as do the poems within this collection. Each poem is a paper marker of day mares past, and nightmares still lingering. The book, weathered by age, represents Clark’s best horror poetry penned over the past two decades. Creepy, grotesque, insane, and humorous to boot; a perfect read for horror poetry fans, and those unafraid of the dark. Light a torch, lean back against someone else’s tombstone, and, dig in.


      Trade Paperback

      • Color Cover
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      Author: G. O. Clark
      Cover: Cyrus Wraith Walker
      Editor: Joe Morey


      “Satiric, trenchant, witty poems with excellent economy of language. Covers the best dark poems in decades of Clark’s work. A distinctive and significant voice in contemporary dark poetry. Well worth checking out.”
      — Bruce Boston, Goodreads, December 18th, 2022

      “Tombstones is an excellent volume of dark verse, tinged with wicked wit and oppressive shadows. G. O. Clark has a heart of darkness … and that is a good thing!”
      — Ronald Weston, Goodreads, May 13, 2023

      “Shroud Of Night by G. O. Clark is a superb mix of humor and dark imagery, turning innocent words into multi-layered snapshots of Hell that I couldn’t stop reading. Clark pulls the veil off nightmares, making madness deliciously addictive.”
      Linda Addison, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of How To Recognize A — Demon Has Become Your Friend

      “Clark’s verse [Scenes Along The Zombie Highway] uses crisp, clean lines upon which he serves up ample and imaginative helpings of gore and decay…. At his best, his pieces are quite inviting before they sink their teeth into you.”
      — Bryan Thao Worra, author of Demonstra

      “This collection [Gravediggers’ Dance] will appeal to anyone looking for an array of dark poetry that is up-front about its content, reveling in celebratory necropolises, murderous trees, and vampires stalking from mansion to mansion…a dark and twisted reflection of humanity’s darker thoughts and nightmares.”
      — Alex Plummer, Star*Line magazine

      “Clark is in top gruesome form with this collection [The Comfort Of Screams] of dark, sardonic, and apocalyptic poems. Some of my favorites: Red Eye, The Dust, Ghost Town, If These Wall Could Scream, The Coroner, Rock On, and in particular the long poem, Just by Using the Resources at Hand. This collection may give you nightmares, but odds are, they will be entertaining ones.”
      Bruce Boston, multiple Stoker Award winning author of Spacers Snarled In — The Hair Of Comets

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