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Weird House Magazine 1 & 2 Special

Weird House Magazine 1 & 2 Special

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Weird House Magazine 1

Weird House Magazine issue #1 includes:

  • Cover art by Nick Greenwood.
  • Feature Story: The Lingering Terror of Silent Hill – Robert Ottone takes us into the fog
  • Interview with Tim Curran: King of Extreme Horror Fiction!
  • Film Review: The Color out of Space by Gary Hill
  • Interview with the amazing artist Nick Greenwood!
  • What I Look For in Weird Poetry by F. J. Bergmann
  • Weird House Showcase: The Fantastic art of Nick Greenwood!
  • Musicians on Horror: Eerie Von (Danzig), Robb Kavjian (1476), Jared Collins (Mississippi Bones) and others talk about their favorite horror stories.
  • Poetry by Ann K Schwader and David Barker

Short fiction:

  • A new Devil’s Night story: “Gallows of Hell” by Curtis M. Lawson!
  • “The Grave Digger’s Tale” by Simon Clark
  • “The City of Frozen Shadows” by Tim Curran
  • “Freshest Catch” by Carol Gyzander
  • “Black Grief” by Aaron Besson
  • “The Restless Quill by Scott Thomas
  • “Melissa and The Stone Troll” and, “Eternity” by Elana Gomel
  • “The House That Wanted to Die” by Joshua Rex

Weird House Magazine 2

Weird House Magazine issue #2 includes:

  • Cover art by by K. L. Turner
  • Editorial by Curtis M. Lawson
  • The Abject by Richard Gavin – Fiction
  • Witch House by Wade German – Poetry
  • Keys to the Soul by Tony Lamalfa – Fiction
  • Dreams in the Court of Azagthoth by Curtis M. Lawson/ Rebecca Clegg – poetry with art
  • Interactive Giallo by Robert Ottone – Nonfiction
  • The Horror of Many Mouths by Tim Curran – Fiction
  • From Innsmouth by Denise Dumars – poetry
  • Nail On the Head by Clay McLeod Chapman – Fiction
  • Black eyes Beneath Gray Waves by Curtis M. Lawson – Fiction
  • Dweller of the Deep by Colleen Anderson – poetry
  • K. L. Turner interview and art showcase
  • Echoes From The Ice by James Chambers – Fiction
  • The Tower: A tale in Ten Sonnets by Tylor James – Poetry
  • Between The Waves by Geza Reilly – Fiction
  • Exploring the Musical World of John Carpenter by Robb Kavjian -Nonfiction
  • Beneath The Veil by David Barker – Fiction
  • 3 Poems by Samantha Underhill – Poetry
  • Beyond D&D: Horror in Tabletop Gaming by Curtis M. Lawson – Nonfiction
  • The Heart in the Crystal by Donald Tyson – Fiction
  • Last Night in Dunwich by David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • Night Fishing by David C. Kopaska – Merkel
  • The Voyager by Douglas Wynne story – Fiction
  • Look at the Lovecraft Films of Stuart Gordon by Gary Hill – Nonfiction
  • The Correspondence of Cameron Thaddeus Nash by Ramsey Campbell – Fiction
  • Interview with Ramsey Campbell


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